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Privacy Policy

What Data We Collect

Tikit processes two broad categories of personal information when you use our services:

  1. Your personal information as a Customer (or potential Customer) of Tikit – information that we refer to as Customer Account Data, and
  2. The personal information of your end users – this category contains both your Customer Usage Data (e.g., communications metadata) and your Customer Content (e.g., the contents of communications).

Tikit processes these categories of personal information differently because the direct relationship we have with you, our customer, is different than the indirect relationship we have with your end users.

How We Process Your Personal Information

We collect and process your personal information:

  • When you visit our website or make a request to receive information about Tikit or our services;
  • When you contact Tikit’s sales team or customer support team; and
  • When you sign up for a Tikit account and use our products and services.

We call this personal information Customer Account Data.

Data protection (aka privacy) laws in certain jurisdictions, like the European Economic Area (EEA), differentiate between “controllers” and “processors” of personal information. A controller decides why and how to process personal information.

A processor processes personal information on behalf of a controller based on the controller’s instructions. When Tikit processes your Customer Account Data, the Tikit entity with whom you are contracting is acting as a controller.

Basically, we use Customer Account Data to do business with you:

  • understand who our customers and potential customers are and their interests in Tikit’s services;
  • manage our relationship with you and other customers;
  • carry out core business operations such as accounting and filing taxes; and
  • help detect, prevent, or investigate security incidents, fraud and other abuse and/or misuse of our products and services.

What Customer Account Data Tikit Processes When You Visit Our Website or Make a Request for Information

When you visit our website or request more information about Tikit, we collect information automatically using tracking technologies, like cookies, and through web forms where you type in your information. We collect this information to provide you with what you request through the web form, to learn more about who is interested in our services, and to enhance your experience on our website.

Information You Share Directly 

On our website(s), you might be able to fill out web forms to ask to be contacted by our sales team, sign up for a newsletter, or take a survey. The specific personal information requested on these forms will vary based on the purpose of the form. We will ask you for information necessary for us to provide you with what you request through the form. We may also ask you for additional information to help us understand you better as a customer. If you sign up to receive ongoing marketing communications from Tikit, like a newsletter, you can always choose to opt-out of further communications through a preferences page or mechanism which will be linked from any marketing email you receive from Tikit. 

Information We Collect Automatically

When you visit our website(s), we automatically collect certain information using tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies through Google Analytics. We use this information to understand how website visitors are using our site and which pages and features of the websites are most popular. This helps us understand how we can improve our websites and track performance of our advertisements. 

What Customer Account Data Tikit Processes When You Communicate with Our Sales or Customer Support Teams

When you share personal information, like your contact information, with a member of our sales or customer support team when you communicate with them. We keep a record of this interaction.

If you contact our Sales or Customer Support Teams, those teams keep a record of that communication, including your contact details and other information you share during the course of the communication. We store this information to help us keep track of the inquiries we receive from you, and so we can improve our services and provide training to team members. This information also helps our teams manage our ongoing relationships with our customers. We will take appropriate measures to protect any sensitive information you share with us. It is best to avoid sharing any sensitive information in these communications not necessary for these teams to assist you.

What Customer Account Data Tikit Processes When You Sign Up for an Account with Us

When you sign up for an account, we ask for certain information like your contact details and billing information so we can communicate with you and so you can pay for our services. We may also collect some information automatically, like your IP address, if your website makes requests to our API. We use this to understand who is using our services and how, and to detect, prevent and investigate fraud, abuse, or security incidents.

Information You Share Directly

When you sign up for an account, you’ll be asked to give us your name, email address, and optionally, your company name, phone number and address information. You can also name your account (or accounts, if you have more than one). We collect this information so we know who you are and we can communicate with you about your account(s).

We may also use your email address to send you information about other Tikit products or services we think you may be interested. As stated above, you can opt out of further marketing communications through the mechanisms provided, or, you can contact our customer support team at support@tikit.tools.

We may also have to obtain a physical address from you. We may use this physical service address for tax purposes.

Information Automatically Collected In-Platform

In addition, when you use the Tikit platform, we might collect your IP address and other data through tracking technologies like cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. We might use this information to understand how customers are using our platform, who those customers are (if they are a company and the IP address is associated with that company), what country they are logging in from (for analytics and export control purposes), and to help improve the navigation experience. 

Note that we might also collect the IP address of your devices or servers when you make requests to our APIs. When you use our APIs, we also collect and process the information contained in those interactions.

All information we collect when you sign up for a Tikit account and interact with the Tikit platform may be used to detect, prevent, or investigate security incidents, fraud, or abuse and misuse of our platform and services.

Other Customer Account Data We Collect and Why

We may collect information about you, as our customer, from publicly-available sources so we can understand our customer base better.

We may use publicly-available information about you through services like LinkedIn, or we may obtain information about your company from third party providers to help us understand our customer base better, such as your industry, the size of your company, and your company’s website URL.

How Long We Store Your Customer Account Data

Tikit will store your Customer Account Data as long as needed to provide you with our services and to operate our business. If you ask Tikit to delete specific personal information from your Customer Account Data, we will honor this request unless deleting that information prevents us from carrying out necessary business functions, like billing for our services, calculating taxes, or conducting required audits.

Customer Account Data stored in our customer relationship management system(s) is generally stored up to 7 years following closure of your account. Invoice records, including their digital equivalent, may be retained in identifying form by Tikit for longer periods for accounting, tax, and audit purposes depending on and in accordance with applicable tax law.

Your communications with Tikit’s Customer Support Teams may be retained for up to 3 years after your account is closed.

How To Make Choices About Your Customer Account Data

If you would like us to handle or consider your customer data in specific ways, or for more information or requests, email us at info@tikit.tools.

Closing Your Account

To request closure or deletion of your Tikit account, you can email us at info@tikit.tools or contact your sales or support representative. You should know that closure and/or deletion of your Tikit account will result in you permanently losing access to your account and data in the account. Please note that certain information associated with your account may nonetheless remain on Tikit’s servers in an aggregated form that does not identify you or your end users. Similarly, data, including personal information, associated with your account we are required to maintain for legal purposes or for necessary business operations will be retained after account closure until no longer needed.

If you are an end user of an application built on Tikit’s platform and not a direct customer of Tikit, you should direct requests relating to your personal information to the relevant entity contracted with Tikit.

How Tikit Processes Your End Users’ Personal Information

Your end users’ personal information typically shows up on Tikit’s platform in a few different ways:

  • Communications-related personal information about your end users, like your end users’ phone numbers and email addresses, show up in our systems when you use or intend to use this information to contact your end user through use of our products and services. This is referred to as Customer Usage Data.
  • Your end users’ personal information may also be contained in the content of communications you (or your end users) send or receive using Tikit. This is referred to as Customer Content.

What Customer Usage Data and Customer Content Tikit Processes

We use Customer Usage Data and Customer Content to provide services to you and to carry out necessary functions of Tikit’s communications services. We do not sell your end users’ personal information and we do not share your end users’ information with third parties for those third parties’ own business interests.

Tikit stores records of your communications, which may include your end users’ personal information. Tikit allows you to analyze the records, including end user personal information and the content of communications. In those cases, Tikit will process this information to provide you with the service you request.

In addition, records containing end user personal information may, from time to time, also be used in debugging or troubleshooting or in connection with investigations of security incidents, as well as for the purposes of detecting and preventing spam or fraudulent activity, and detecting and preventing network exploits and abuse.

How Long Do We Store Customer Usage Data and Customer Content

Tikit Stores Customer Usage Data and Customer Content for up to four years as part of our Terms of Service. 

When and Why We Share Your Personal Information Or Your End Users’ Personal Information

We do not sell or allow your Customer Account Data to be used by third parties for their own marketing purposes, unless you ask us to do this or give us your consent to do this. Further, we do not sell your end users’ personal information (whether contained in Customer Usage Data or Customer Content). And, we do not share it with third parties for their own marketing or other purposes, unless you instruct us to do so or give us your written consent.

Below are the different scenarios under which we may share your data with third parties.

  • Third-party service providers or consultants: Tikit may engage certain third-party service providers and consultants to carry out certain data processing functions on our behalf. These providers are limited to only accessing or using this data to provide services to us and must provide reasonable assurances they will appropriately safeguard the data. In addition, the third-party providers we use may contract with other parties to provide the service or help us detect potentially fraudulent or malicious accounts or customer activity. 
  • Compliance with Legal Obligations: we may disclose your or your end users’ personal information to a third party if (i) we reasonably believe that disclosure is compelled by applicable law, regulation, legal process or a government request (including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements), (ii) to enforce our agreements and policies, (iii) to protect the security or integrity of our services and products, (iv) to protect ourselves, our other customers, or the public from harm or illegal activities, or (v) to respond to an emergency which we believe in good faith requires us to disclose data to assist in preventing a death or serious bodily injury. If Tikit is required by law to disclose any personal information of you or your end user, we will notify you of the disclosure requirement, unless prohibited by law. Further, we object to requests we do not believe were issued properly.
  • Affiliates: we may share your personal information or your end users’ personal information with an affiliate company, like a subsidiary of Beckett Marketing, Inc. We and our subsidiaries will only use the information as described in this notice.
  • Business transfers: if we go through a corporate sale, merger, reorganization, dissolution or similar event, data we gather from you may be part of the assets transferred or shared in connection with the due diligence for any such transaction. Any acquirer or successor of Tikit or Beckett Marketing, Inc. may continue to process data consistent with this notice.
  • Aggregated or de-identified data: we might also share data with third parties if the data has been de-identified or aggregated in a way so it cannot be used to identify you or your end users.

Handling Disputes Relating To Our Data Protection Practices

We hope we can resolve any disputes relating to our data protection practices between us. You can raise your concern or dispute by emailing our Privacy Team at info@tikit.tools or by writing to us at:

Beckett Marketing, Inc.
8901 Tehama Ridge Pkwy #127-260
Fort Worth, TX 76177

If you have a dispute with us relating to our data protection practices, please contact us by email us at info@tikit.tools. If we can’t resolve the dispute through those channels and you are not in the EEA or Switzerland, please see Section 18 (Agreement to Arbitrate) of our Terms of Service, which describes how disputes will be resolved between us. As described in that section, the American Arbitration Association (http://www.adr.org/) will conduct the dispute resolution proceedings. Please be sure to review our Terms of Service before you use any of our services.

How We Secure Personal Information

We use appropriate security measures to protect the security of your personal information both online and offline. These measures include the use of SSL encryption and strong password requirements for all Tikit access. We also take measures to ensure service providers that process personal data on our behalf also have appropriate security controls in place.

Information from Children

We do not knowingly permit children (under the age of 13 in the US or 16, if you live in the EEA) to sign up for a Tikit account. If we discover someone who is underage has signed up for a Tikit account, we will take reasonable steps to promptly remove that person’s personal information from our records. If you believe a person who is underage has signed up for a Tikit account, please contact us at info@tikit.tools.

Do-Not-Track Signals

Tikit does not currently respond to web browser’s Do-Not-Track signals. 

Changes to Our Privacy Statement

We may change our Privacy Statement from time to time. If we make changes we’ll revise the “Revised” date at the bottom of this statement, and we may provide additional notice such as on other Tikit web pages, Tikit platform, or via the email address we have on file for you. We will always attempt to comply with applicable law with respect to any changes we make to this notice and seek your consent to any material changes if this is required by applicable law.

If you have questions about or need further information concerning the legal basis on which we collect and use your personal information, please contact us using the email addresses contained in this notice or on our contact page, https://www.tikit.tools/contact/.


Revised 3/12/19