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with Tikit  Warranty Software

We get it. Your home warranty or other warranty process can be complicated and bulky at times, and has naturally occurring issues and things that eat away your time and energy. Tikit Warranty Software is a smart cloud-based warranty system designed to let your team to overcome these challenges and easily manage and fulfill your warranty requests. And it’s customizable.

Improve What’s Most Important To Your Team

Time. Team Commitment. Customer Satisfaction.

Tikit software is a warranty system that allows your team and your customers to collaborate, track progress, and complete requests effortlessly and efficiently. Your team and customers have access to data anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

“In our first month, our ticket processing capability more than doubled, and our guys in the field completed requests 40-50% faster.” -First Texas Homes, Dallas

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Home Warranty Management Solutions

Automated Warranty System: 

Improve Quality While Increasing Efficiency and Capacity.

Tikit’s SmartTools ease frustrations and smooth processes for a faster turnaround. Statuses, notifications, and communication tools keep everyone on task and expand the quantity and quality of your flow. 

Tikit warranty software automates customer approval with digital sign-off through a sign-off link sent directly to the customer’s inbox. 


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